DW Collector's Series Pure Almond 22"/10"/12"/14"/16" Shell Pack in Toasted Almond

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DW Collector's Series Pure Almond Shell Pack in Toasted Almond

There's nothing they love more at Drum Workshop, than creating an extra-special, timeless and collectable piece of hand-crafted artwork that also begs to be played.

Considered the pinnacle of modern drum kit manufacture, the Drum Workshop Custom Shop has turned out some of the finest percussion instruments ever made, and this stunning Pure Almond kit is one of the most complex projects that master drum maker John Good has ever undertaken. There's a reason why Almond hasn't been used to make drum kits before, it's notoriously difficult to work with due to it's density and propensity to crack. Repeatedly told that it was only good for firewood, John was determined to persevere, confident that if he could get the process right, the results would be worth it. This truly incredible set of drum shells is testament to that long standing belief.

The hardest wood in the Collector’s Series line, Pure Almond has a bright sonic personality in the same family as Pure Oak and Pure Purpleheart. Finished in a stunning Toasted Almond to Natural Burst that compliments the natural beauty of the grain perfectly. Each drum is specially labelled and signed by John Good himself.

This kit contains

  • 10"x08" Rack Tom
  • 12"x09" Rack Tom
  • 14"x12" Floor Tom
  • 16"x14" Floor Tom
  • 22"x18" Bass Drum
  • x6 Floor Tom Legs

**Double tom stand not included**

**Snare drum is available separately**


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