DW Design Series Concert Tom Set in Satin Black

DWSKU: 800320

Size: 6" & 8"
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A perfect addition to the DW Design Series shell packs. The DW Drums Design Series Concert toms are constructed from North American hard rock maple, providing a punchy tone with an immersive response which is perfect for a wide variety of drumming styles. Fitted with true-pitch tuning rods, the DW Drums Design Series Tom allows you to find the perfect sound and achieve consistent and reliable tuning.

The Design Series concert toms are incredibly versatile and designed to deliver in every drumming style, from on stage to the studio.

Available Sizes

  • 6"x5" & 8"x5" Tom 
  • 8"x5" & 10"x5" Tom

Both sets include a DW SM992 double tom arm and clamp

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