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The CS-ABY-ST is now the "v2," is now Black, still the best ABY switcher in the world, and just got a LOT smaller!

The CS-ABY-ST V2 has silent soft switches. No pops, no ticks, and no electrocutions, thanks to a Nickel core custom-wound 1:1 transformer that doesn't boost the treble frequencies like the "industry standard" transformer does, so fuzzes played through the True-Path sound round and distortions don't sound strident. I can hear it, so can you.

Using the most advanced 4 opto switching system ever, yet also offering the purest signal. I developed our photocells over the last year with a rather patient optocoupler manufacturer (Thanks Fred), and my cells only have around only 50 ohms series resistance compared to the Vactecs (which all other optocoupler switchers use) offering a whopping 300-400 ohms of series resistance to your guitar's signal. I can hear 300 ohms... you can hear 300-400 ohms.

  • Inputs: 1x ¼’’ jack
  • Outputs: 2 x ¼’’ jack
  • Controls: Phase Switch, 2x Buffers
  • Bypass: Internal selectable True Bypass or Enhanced Bypass
  • Footswitch: 3PDT x2 [A or B + Both]
  • Voltages: 9-18 Volts DC (centre -, 2.1 mm)
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.50cm / Width: 10.70cm / Depth: 10.20
  • Weight: 0.550kg 

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