J.N Guitars Cask Series Cigar Box Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Hogscoal


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For whisky makers, choosing a cask is crucial: its size and wood type determine the smell, the taste, the attack and sustain of the whisky. This explains why there are so many varieties of whisky. J.N Guitars believes that producing whisky and making a guitar are similar crafts as the shape of the body and the selected wood species give the instrument a specific sound and character. CASK, therefore, emerged as an obvious name for their Cigar Box Guitars.

HOGSCOAL is the electric-acoustic version of the FIRKCOAL model, with double sound holes designed to minimize the feedback, with removable wood cover. This guitar is equipped with a P90 pickup, which produces a creamy and bluesy sound, and with tone and volume controls. You are ready to rock!


  • Body Shape : Cigar Box
  • Top : Sapelli
  • Back : Sapelli
  • Sides : Sapelli
  • Neck : Mahogany (with trussrod)
  • Fretboard : Walnut
  • Nut Width : 
  • Electronics : P-90 Dog ear pickup
  • Case : Gig Bag 

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