Markbass Marcus Miller CMD 101 Micro 60w Bass Combo

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This is not just a practice amp, the sound quality delivered by this 60W small combo is really impressive.

At Markbass they are unable to make something that doesn't sound good. They always use the best components to achieve that full, round Markbass sound! The CMD 101 is a great choice for small gigs and recording and, thanks to the balanced output, you can connect it to a mixer/PA, then using it as a small personal monitor.

This compact combo amp also features gain and master controls, 3- band EQ, aux in, headphone out, speaker on/off switch.


  • Type : Combo
  • Power : 60W @ 4 Ohms
  • Speakers : 1 x 10"
  • Technology : Solid State
  • DI Output : XLR 
  • Weight : 11.5kg / 25.35lbs
  • Size: W 14.56" (37cm) x D 13.14" (33.4cm) x H 14.4" (36.6cm)

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