Maxonix StickARK Bass Drum Stick Holder


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A new concept in drumstick holders that perfectly positions 4 sticks on your bass drum.

When you need a fresh stick due to a break, style change, drop, or to replace sticks you throw to fans, StickARK™ makes it fast & you can stay smooth & keep the groove.

This kick drum mounted drumstick holder has an innovative design that's easy, affordable & very effective. No tools are required to attach, and it will not damage your kit.  No stick rattle and easily removed.

The top of a kick drum (bass drum) is the first place drummers naturally want to put their sticks. Now, thanks to StickARK, drummers can keep 4 sticks lined up in perfect order. There's more; thanks to the StickARK's extreme flexibility, it can also hold brushes, bundles & other unusually shaped percussion items.

StickArk mounts using kick drum tension rods.  The minimum gap required between lugs is 6 ¾ inches (170mm). The maximum is 10 ½ inches (265mm).  Full instructions included.

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