Ortega Falcon Series OBJE400 5-String Electro-Acoustic Banjo in Trans Charcoal


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Breaking tradition Ortega add a fresh look to this familiar instrument. A Remo Fiberskyn Banjo head and a modern headstock allow it to stand apart from the crowd.

  • Quilted maple resonator, semi-gloss finish
  • Maple ply rim, semi-gloss finish
  • Brass tone ring, 24 brackets
  • Brushed nickel hardware
  • Die-cast machine head
  • Built-in pickup system w/ volume control
  • Deluxe gig bag included


  • Body : Quilted Maple, closed back, semi gloss finish
  • Brackets: 24 brackets, chrome hardware
  • Neck : Hard Maple
  • Fretboard : Maple
  • Head : Remo Fiberskyn
  • Scale : 
  • Electronics : Built-in pickup system w/ volume control
  • Case : Ortega Deluxe Gig Bag

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