PDP by DW Signature Chad Smith 14"x6" Acrylic Snare Drum

PDPSKU: PD805164

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PDP is proud to announce the addition of new signature artist Chad Smith to the family. Chad, famous for being the sticksman with Red Hot Chilli Peppers has created with PDP by DW, three signature snare models. The newly-created Chad Smith models are designed to offer pro-level playability and sound at an extreme value. Intended to be used on stage and in the studio. The snares feature MAG throw-offs and Concept Series dual-turret lugs. The Shell is made of one piece of solid Acrylic which means the snare has no seam. The snare is available in 14" x 6", 13" x 7" and 12" x 6". All snare's come complete with Signature badge. 


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