Pearl SN-1420I Ultra-Sound Snare Wire - 14" 20 strands (I-Type)

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Pearl Ultra-Sound snares feature ultra-thin, 6mm Phosphor Bronze end plates and low mass non-plated rust proof snare wires for ultra-quick response. 

The Ultra-Sound C-Type and D-Type snares feature graduated tension for ultra response and ultra dynamic range. With graduated tension the looser snares respond to the lightest touch while the tighter snares extend dynamic range during heavy playing.

  • The C-Type features looser tension in the centre for outstanding tracking and response, Ideal for rock music and metal snare drums.
  • The D-Type features higher tension in the centre for outstanding sensitivity. Ideal for classical aplications and wood snare drums
  • The I-Type features evenly tensioned snares for general purpose applications.

Ultra-Sound snares feature three mounting options for customizable snare response (both cord and staps included)

  • Tunnels for cord mounting - tunnels allow the end plates to lie flat against the drumhead for maximum snare to head contact
  • Holes for cord mounting - the cords float the end plates off the drumhead allowing a more "open" sound
  • Slots for strap mounting - straps provide a third option for attaching snares to the drum. 

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