Pearl WL-230A Wing-Loc Cymbal Nut with Reversible Seat & Felt

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The WingLoc's quick release design makes attaching and removing cymbals quick and easy. Snap the wings into place and your cymbal is securely fixed to the stand with no possibility of the nut working loose. In fact, it's so secure you can even hang a cymbal upside down! Adjustment is also possible by snapping one of the wings down and then rotating into the desired tightness/looseness position.

The WL-200 Wing-Loc is found on the 1000 and 2000 series cymbal stands as standard. They will however fit any cymbal stand with an 8mm thread.

The WL-200A version comes complete with the reversable cymbal seat and the bottom cymbal felt.


  • Thread  - 8mm
  • Height (locked position) - 50mm 
  • Width (locked position) - 35mm

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