Pre-Owned Gretsch Renown 24" Rock Shell Pack in Silver Oyster Pearl

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This pre-owned Gretsch Renown is awesome. The 24" bass drum sounds massive. The kit dates from the early-mid 2010's and has started to patina really nicely, especially on the floor tom and rack tom. Ideally the bass drum needs to catch up a bit, but the kit still looks great. It's got a real vintage vibe and feel about it even though it's not actually that old. So best of both worlds!! 

Renown drums are packed with classic Gretsch features including 100% maple shells with silver sealer interior, 30 degree bearing edges and die-cast hoops. The toms have Evans G2 clear heads and the bass drum features an Evans EQ4 clear.  

The kit comes with

  • 24"x16" Bass Drum
  • 13"x9" Rack Tom
  • 16"x16" Floor Tom
  • x3 Floor Tom Legs

For more info, any questions or further pictures, please email us at: [email protected]

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