Pre-Owned Mapex Black Panther 13"x3.5" Deep Forest Snare Drum

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This pre-owned Mapex Black Panther 13"x3.5" Deep Forest snare drum features a 5.1mm  100% walnut shell and dates from the early 2000's.  The drum has 2.3mm Powerhoops and eight double sided offset lugs, all finished in a wax natural walnut.

The drum has been well used and there's quite a lot of pitting on the nickel chrome hardware. Some of the lugs have lost almost all of the black coating. Having said that, the actual shell is in excellent condition with no damage and the bearing edges are perfect. The strainer is in good working order as well. It sounds great, with a deep, rich tone from such a shallow drum. The bottom snare side head is a Remo Ambassador, the batter head has been replaced with a new Evans G12 Coated.

For more info, any questions or further pictures, please email us at: [email protected]  

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