Pre-Owned Mapex Saturn LE 22" Studio Shell Pack in Sienna Fade

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Pre-Owned Mapex Saturn Limited Edition 22" Studio Shell Pack in Deep Transparent Sienna Fade

This Special Edition Saturn Birch/Walnut offers an extraordinary rendering of the distinctive Saturn sound. Mapex combined the deep and rich sonic characteristics of walnut with the bright and articulate punch of birch. The result is a drum shell that projects the perfect fusion of depth and clarity. This special edition shell pack has a deep transparent sienna fade over an exotic exterior burl veneer with smoky black hardware.

The kit was a special run limited edition back in 2011 and is still in excellent condition. There's a couple of minor scratch marks, one on the 12" tom and the other on the 16" floor tom. The batter side bass drum hoop also has a very minor chip. All of these are only noticeable on close inspection. The back hardware is all in really good condition, again with some minor blemishes. The resonant side drum heads are all the original Remo Ambassadors with Mapex logos printed on them. There's also a black Powerstroke 3 display head on the bass drum. The batter heads on the toms are Remo Pinstripes which are all in pretty good condition with plenty of life left in them. The bass drum has the original clear Remo Powerstroke 3.  

It's a fabulous sounding shell pack, perfect for live and studio work. The equivalent brand new Mapex Saturn Evolution is now around the £3000 mark for the same amount of drums!

This Shell Pack includes:

  • 22"x18" Bass Drum
  • 10"x08 Rack Tom
  • 12"x09" Rack Tom
  • 14"x14" Floor Tom
  • 16"x16" Floor Tom
  • x6 Floor Tom Legs    

**Double Tom Stand NOT Included**

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