Pre-Owned Sonor Ascent 14"x6.5" Beech Snare in Burnt Fade


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An excellent example of a Sonor Ascent 14"x6.5" snare drum. Now discontinued but still very highly regarded amongst Sonor devotees, these drums were made in the companies Chinese factory using a premium German Beech, a wood synonymous with Sonor drums over the decades. The drum is in very good condition with no marks or damage to the shell or the hardware. The original Remo USA made Ambassador heads are still on both the resonant and the batter sides and both are still in good condition (there is a very small dent on the snare side head but it still has plenty of life left in it).

  • Shell - 9ply 8.75mm Beech Shell
  • Construction - CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process
  • Hoops - Die-Cast
  • Heads - Remo USA Ambassador Coated Batter & Clear Resonant

**This particular drum has a Thomann Edition badge. Sadly I was unable to unearth any information as to differences between this drum and a regular version with the Ascent badge. It looks to be identical in every way apart from the badge. An educated guess would suggest that the close proximity of the German retailer to Sonor may have resulted in an end of line special edition.**       

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