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Back in 1964, the British Professional Music Company started making drumsticks in Yorkshire, England. After a couple of years of local success, a certain Buddy Rich caught on to the sticks and helped introduce them to the American market. Subsequently, Promuco sticks came to the attention of a growing number of influential drummers, and it was during the early 70s that Zeppelin’s powerhouse, John Bonham had his own sticks commissioned by the British manufacturer.

From that point on, Bonzo’s ‘Trees’ - as he called them – banged the skins of hundred of kits, creating an era-defining, iconic sound that is still revered by drummers around the globe. 

Made to the same exacting standards as the 70s versions, Promuco’s re-issued signature JB sticks conform to the same weight and dimension profile as the much sought-after originals and feature the legendary ‘acorn-shaped’ wood tip.

Sticks played by John are now highly-prized artefacts of rock’n’roll history with a pair on prominent display in the Hard Rock Café in Biloxi, Mississippi. Occasionally, original used drumsticks will still surface at auction houses with some selling for thousands of pounds.

Promuco Percussion are incredibly proud to have one of the all-time great drummers as one of their legacy artists and are delighted to make these wonderfully tough sticks available once more to drummers the world over.
Having worked closely with the Bonham estate through the Led Zeppelin and John Bonham licence holders, you can be sure that these John Bonham sticks are an officially licensed and approved product.

  • Material: Premium Hickory
  • Tip Shape: Acorn
  • Length: 16.14" / 410mm
  • Diameter: .590" / 15mm

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