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Become a Better Drummer, Faster

Featuring a superb TD-50-Class sound engine, and an array of newly developed pads, this Roland TD-17KV-X is an affordable electronic drum kit that offers you a playing experience that's as close to using an acoustic kit as you can get. All of the physical movements you'd associate with playing an accoustic kit - such as stick coordination, hand/foot control etc. - is accurately mirrored when playing the TD-17KV-X, and its built-in coaching functions can actually track your technique, measure your progress, and help you improve each time you play!

Realistic Sounds

Thanks to the Prismatic Sound Modeling technology inhereted from the flagship TD-50 sound module, the TD-17KV-X's sound engine offers you a far superior drumming experience to comparable models. You get a much wider dynamic range and an array of dramatic tonal changes from this sound module, all based on how hard and where you strike the pads, allowing you to perform rim shots, cymbal crashes, rolls, flams, and even ghost notes, with each and every nuance detailed, accurate, and ultra-smooth.

Permanently Improve Your Playing

With the TD-17 module you have the option to use the fabulous Coach Mode, which supports your daily exercise regime. Coach Mode allows you to warm up, develop your sense of groove, tempo and timing, or even just work on your stamina, and gives you a score after each exercise to show you how you're doing.

Deepen your sense of groove with the excellent Time Check mode, which helps you to develop your accuracy alongside a click track. The module's display shows you the number of accurate strikes made as a percentage value, as well as whether they were on, ahead or behind the beat.

Fine-tune your internal timing with the Quiet Count mode, which is similar to Time Check but the click cuts out during some bars, with your sole aim being to continue playing in time for when the click returns.

WarmUp mode is there to help make those daily practice sessions seem like less of a chore. Each warmup can be undertaken over 5, 10 or 15 minutes, and come at you with varying rates of difficulty and tempos. This range of exercises helps to prepare you for some serious drumming, with sections that focus on changes to rhythm and tempo, and a detailed evaluation afterwards which will help you set a target for improvement with future sessions.

Get Yourself Gig-Ready

Whilst rehearsing you'll want to play with drum sounds approximating the same ones you'll be using live with your acoustic kit. Thanks to the amazing TD-50 audio engine, the TD-17 series includes a huge variety of expressive modelled drum sounds for you to choose from - including 50 premium-quality drumkits, the ability to create your own signature kit, and even imported sound samples - alongside different reverb types!

Watch and Learn

You can even take things one-step further and download the free App "Melodics for V-Drums" (compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems), that comes complete with a series of free drum lessons to help you improve upon your playing, with subscribers also being able to access premium content, which is updated weekly!

Made to Last

Every piece of the TD-17 Series has been designed to offer you plenty of reliability for years to come. Each of the pads and pedals have been specially constructed to withstand a beating, whilst retaining their excellent levels of playability. 

*MDS-4KVX or MDS-COMPACT Rack Supplied (dependent on stock availability)*
*Bass Drum Pedal and Hi-Hat Stand Not Included*

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