SlapKlatz Drum Dampers (Pack of 4)


Colour: Clear
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SlapKlatz Clear was the first "invisible damper gel” on the market. It was quite obvious that drummers needed an (almost) invisible damper solution to control and dampen their drums. With SlapKlatz Clear, drummers got just that. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Alien  Green. The first thing that you immediately notice, is the bright green color. It looks really nice - almost lime'ish - in daylight. But wait 'till you see it on stage. Then this product really comes alive! It has the ability to pick up from blue spotlights, which makes it look as if it has built-in LEDs.

SlapKlatz is made from a very sticky material which enables them to not only dampen your batter heads but also your resonance heads as well as the underside of your cymbals. This makes the versatility of this product almost endless.

As a side note: You can also use these gels as a bumper. If one drum is too close to another drum - or hardware - just “slap on” a gel pad on the area in danger.


2x medium (3 cm) clear drum dampeners
2x large (4 cm) clear drum dampeners
1x pocket friendly container

Available in 2 colours

  • Clear
  • Alien Green


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