Tama Cobra Clutch Pedal

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Tama HH905XP Cobra Clutch

A hi-hat control solution for double bass players! Instead of the loose, inexact, drop-clutch approach, the Cobra Clutch delivers a precise, fine-tuned degree of cymbal closure pressure, that's easily engaged and disengaged with a simple tap of the foot. 

How To Play *see image

  1. (A )Lock the Hi-hat - Use your heel to step on the Locking Plate.
  2. (B) Release the Hi-hat - Twist your heel slightly then step on the Release Plate.

Fine Adjustment

You can adjust the tightness of hi-hat cymbals in locking position as desired from half open to tight close.

Cobra Clutch Carrying Case

The Cobra Clutch comes standard with a form-fitted hardshell carrying case for optimum protection, performance and convenient transport.

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