VOX MV50 Miniature 50 watt Nutube Valve Amplifier - High Gain


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VOX MV50-HG 50w Miniature Valve Amplifier - High Gain

Equipped with the next-generation vacuum tube Nutube, and featuring a stunningly light-weight design of only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.), these amp heads boast a high 50W of output power. As its name implies, the sound of the MV50 High Gain is optimized for high gain. With even more variations, the MV50 series is expanding its offering and showing no signs of slowing down.

MV50 High Gain, powerful & versatile high-gain tone

If you want the high-gain sound that's indispensable for modern music, the MV50 High Gain is the amp for you! Equipped with a MID CONTROL SWITCH that boosts or cuts the mid-frequency range, this amp gives you a versatile range, delivering edgy sounds with a boosted high and low end that are perfect for riffing or a thick lead sound. 

Main features

  • Only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.)! An ultra-compact head amp that you can easily carry in one hand.
  • In spite of its size, monster-class sound power with 50W output.
  • The preamp features Nutube, the new vacuum tube that utilizes vacuum fluorescent display technology.
  • Analog circuitry based on a pure design philosophy.
  • EQ switch provides sound that's the perfect match for the size of the cabinet being used.
  • Speaker emulated line/headphone output jack mimics the know-how of a recording engineer.
  • Retro-chic design with mirror-finish front & VU meter.
  • An excellent match for the BC108 or BC112 from VOX’s Black Cabinet Series.


  • Type : Head
  • Power : 50W RMS @ 4 Ohms, 25W @ 8 Ohms, 12.5W @ 16 Ohms 
  • Speakers : N/A
  • Technology : NuTube 6P1 Valve
  • Features :  x1 Input Jack, x1 Speaker Outputs, Headphone/Line Out, Volume, Tone & Gain Controls, UV Meter. 
  • Weight : 540g / 1.19lbs
  • Size : W 135mm (5.31") x D 100mm (3.94") x H 75mm (2.95")


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