Zildjian Heavy Jazz Laminated Birch Drumsticks - Wood Tip

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Constructed from U.S. laminated birch, this is a heavier than normal weight version of our popular Jazz Wood Tip drumstick. Aside from providing a very solid feel and additional durability out of the compact size stick, the material produces high-pitched tones on instruments and a super solid cross-stick sound. The stick is ideal for drummers who want a normal sized stick with additional weight and heft. The oval bead produces warm tones with a moderate amount of overtone. Great for jazz, rock and concert snare drum applications.

Constructed from polyphonalicly impregnated and laminated US Birch. 

  • Category: Laminated Birch Series
  • Length: 16
  • Diameter: 0.54
  • Wood Type: Laminated Birch
  • Tip Shape: Teardrop
  • Tip Type: Wood
  • Tip Color: Natural 

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