Free Parking if you Spend over £100

To encourage more of you to come in and buy rather than just spend online we're offering a refund on an hours parking if you spend over £100, that's currently £3 of parking. 

We want you to come and see us, talk to us, use our many years of experience. Advice is free and now the parking might be!

In order to qualify Just come in, have a chat, try stuff and if you find something you like and but it , we'll take £3 off the total as long as that total is over £100 after any other deductions.

We want to try and reinforce the #useitorloseit idea. It's pointless relying on a shop like ours being here when you desperately need a pair of sticks, or when you've just ripped a hole in your bass drum skin if you don't support us each time you shop for something drum related.