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Gibraltar Drum Racks

Build your perfect Gibraltar drum rack with this comprehensive guide.

Creating your perfect set-up can be quite daunting. With literally hundreds of possibilities combining dozens of different clamps, brackets, arms and tubing.

However, there's something extremely satisfying about having a bespoke rack designed especially for your kit. In this guide we'll try and highlight some of the products you can buy to build your perfect set-up. Of course, if you need advice at any point, just give us a call on 01332 341414 or drop us a message, we'll do our very best to help.

Choosing a Starting Point

While it's entirely possible to build a rack completely from scratch using individual clamps and tubes. The easiest way to get started is to choose one of Gibraltar's pre-configured packs. These sets contain everything you need to create a basic system. However, with so many possible options available, what you choose as your starting point will dictate the final design.

Below are some of the styles of rack design that Gibraltar offer. Click on the links to see what's available.

  • Traditional Style Rack

    When you imagine a drum rack, this is the deign that most people tend to think of. Vertical leg pieces with horizontal bars that you attach your drums and cymbals to. The perfect choice if you have a larger kit.

  • Side Rack System

    Gibraltar have always been innovative when it comes to rack design and their side rack system allows for multiple items to be mounted either side of the bass drum, removing the need for a front bar.

  • Docking Station Stealth Rack

    The latest design from Gibraltar. The Stealth Rack is a curved bar that hugs the curve of the bass drum for a minimalist look. Perfect for smaller kits.

Creating additional mounting possibilities

Once you have your basic design, you may wish to add extra side extensions to make room for more drums and cymbals.

The design below uses the Stealth Docking Station as the central component with additional curved rack bars on each side that allows space for 5 cymbals, a no-leg hi-hat stand and an accessory table. A list of every product used can be found on the left hand side.

Component List

  • GSDS Stealth Docking Station
  • 9707NL-DP No-leg Hi-Hat Stand
  • GUASB Ultra-Adjust Snare Basket
  • GSMTL Mini T-Leg
  • SC-MAT Accessory Table
  • x5 SC-LBBT Boom Arms
  • x2 36" Curved Rack Bars
  • x1 20" Straight Rack Bar
  • x2 SC-GCSQCCLTLA T-Leg Assembly
  • x2 SC-GCRQT Chrome T-Clamp
  • x4 SC-GCRMC Chrome Multi-Clamp
  • x4 SC-GCRA Chrome Right Angle Clamp
  • x2 GSMP 14" Mounting Post
  • x1 SC-78ASE Shaft Extender

Choice of three different series of clamps and accessories

Gibraltar offer a range of additional rack components at three different price points. Click on the links below to see all the different clamps and accessories available in each range.

Mounting Drums & Cymbals

Once you've got the framework for your rack sorted. You need to turn your attention to mounting individual drums, cymbals and accessories. Thankfully, Gibraltar have a product that will mount just about anything to your kit. Click below to take a look.

  • Cymbal Arms

    A range of cymbal arms are available from Gibraltar as well as fixed hi-hat attachments.

  • Tom Arms

    A range of tom arms that will fit almost every make of drum kit available. Of course most manufacturers will have their own tom arms that will fit Gibraltar racks perfectly.

  • Miscellaneous

    Everything else! Percussion mounts, accessory trays, laptop platforms. Chances are if you want to attach it to your rack. There's a component that will make it happen.

Take a look at some of the best racks that the Gibraltar team have built for their artists.

Inspiration Gallery

The great thing about rack systems is you can let your imagination run wild. However, if you're seeking a bit of inspiration, here's a few different set ups. From the sublime to the ridiculous

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