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What Are Quavers?

What Are Quavers?

Martin Holland-Lloyd |

Rattle and Drum Quavers

Apart from the Crunchy Cheesy potato based snack, or the musical half beat measure, Quavers are the fantastic rewards system we have launched here at Rattle and Drum. For every purchase made or review posted you earn Quavers, each 100 quavers earns you £1 discount. Most things get you 2 Quavers per pound spent but there will sometimes be more available on special promotions. The scheme is run by Smile rewards and can be redeemed and spent both in store and online. Don't forget to register with the scheme after you make a purchase to take advantage on every future purchase you make. 

Getting Quavers

Each time you purchase and leave your email address you'll be asked to register for the points, once registered you won't have to repeat the process. Remember that the scheme uses your email address to register the points you earn, so try and remember to always use the same account when you buy with Rattle and Drum, that way all of your points are kept in one place! To see what rewards you have, click on the rewards button on the bottom right of the screen and log in to your account.

Spending Quavers

When you have built up some points you can then spend them on any item available either in store or online. You can wait and save for something bigger or use them every time you have enough to redeem, the minimum is 100 Quavers and they must always be redeemed in multiples of 100 (£1 worth). To redeem, you create a voucher for the amount you want, this is turned into a voucher code that you then redeem at the checkout. To redeem your points and turn them into discount, click on the rewards (blue icon) on the bottom right of the screen, log in and click on redeem, the discount code will automatically be added to the checkout. Your points total is shown at the top of the panel.