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Yamaha Discovery Day

Yamaha Discovery Day

Martin Holland-Lloyd |

Electronic Drums with Simon Edgoose

This is a Discovery Day for drummers at all stages of their musical journeys.Experience Yamaha’s revolutionary and award winning EAD10 in our immersiveheadphone sessions. This ground-breaking new device captures your acoustic drumkit sound and opens a world of creative possibilities, in an easy and effective way.EAD is ideal for practice, recording, filming, and amplifying your drummingperformances. And alongside the EAD sessions, you can also check out Yamaha’sflagship DTX10 electronic kit, try TCS and Meshplaying surfaces, and get yourquestions answered by one of the most in-demand figures in the E-Drum world.

About Simon Edgoose

Simon Edgoose is a drummer, programmer, gear geek, and industry adviser whohas been using electronic drums since he was 10.After studying music in London, he started a busy playing, touring, and recordingcareer. However, over time, he realised that he was much more interested in theequipment side of the industry, rather than the performing side. So Simon now findshimself advising or programming for major Worldwide artists (such as U2, KylieMinogue, The Who, amongst many others), and advising musical instrumentcompanies of all sizes on technology for drummers. He can generally be foundplaying with computers and electronic drum equipment in all sorts of situations, fromsessions, to gigs, to theatres, and trying to tell other drummers how their lives couldbe improved by allowing a little technology in.Simon is very proud of the fact that his ideas, inventions andsuggestions are usedby thousands of drummers every day, but even though he is mainly associated withelectronics, he can just as likely be found behind an acoustic drum kit.