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Pearl TH-1030s Gyro-Lock Tom Arm (4"x4")
Pearl P-930 Demonator Single Pedal
Pearl AX-28 Revolving Clamp
Pearl TH-70S Gear Tom Arm (4"x4")
Pearl PC-8 Pipe Clamp for DR-80
Pearl P-1030 Eliminator Solo Red Single Pedal
Pearl CH-70 Boom Arm with Clamp
Pearl CH-830 Uni-Lock Boom Cymbal Arm
Pearl PCX-100 ICON Pipe Clamp
Pearl AX-25 Revolving Clamp
Pearl AX-25L Revolving Clamp - Long
Pearl S-830 Uni-Lock Snare Stand
Pearl TH-88S Gear Tom Arm - 4"x4"
Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Pedal
Pearl TH-88 Gear Long Tom Arm - 14"x4"

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