Ahead Spinal G Saddle Black Top with 4 Leg Base and Backrest


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The Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne was developed for players who require a higher level of support and comfort. This throne is designed to eliminate coccyx compression and support the way your body moves by improving flexibility, fighting fatigue and any possible hip, back or shoulder pain. The black velour seat features a thick memory foam cushion with a split-seat design and double-locking threaded height adjustment. The Spinal G Throne is perfect for those long practice sessions and late-night gigs.

  • Black velour seat top
  • Black sides
  • Thick memory foam cushion
  • Split-seat, spring-balanced throne
  • 4 leg base
  • Double-locking, threaded height adjustment
  • Durable seat connector plate
  • Allows the pelvis to move reciprocally in three dimensions
  • Allows the coccyx to sit naturally without being compressed against the seat
  • Supports a more natural movement of the spine and shoulders when seated

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