British Drum Company Legend Series 14"x6.5" Snare Drum in Carnaby Slate

British Drum CompanySKU: LEG-1465-SN-CS

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The British Drum Company are not just continuing this countries fine tradition of drum kit manufacture, they're taking it to whole new level.

The Mighty sound of Birch....

The Legend Series snare drums are made from 10 ply 100% Scandinavian Birch, cross laminated and cold-press moulded into a shell only 6mm thick. Adding 2-ply reinforcement rings and precision-cut 45 degree bearing edges results in super-strong, thin shells that promote naturally lower fundamental tones with immediate attack and deep controlled sustain. 

Legend Series snare drums are equally at home on any stage or any studio and will take you to anywhere your music demands.

Cold- Press Moulding

"Cold Press Moulding" is key to the British Drum Co's signature sound. Using years of experience in wood working and drum shell manufacture they believe the secret to their sound and the key to a stable drum shell is the absence of heat when pressing and moulding the shells. The timber and shells are allowed to naturally acclimatise to the surrounding environment before and after being moulded. Regarded as the finest shells reviewed by Geoff Nichols of Rhythm Magazine.

Palladium Hardware

All Legend Series drums are fitted with the elegant “Palladium” hardware. When designing the lugs, BDC took inspiration from the architectural and automotive designs of the Art Deco period which resulted in an instant classic look.  

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