DW 9303 Snare Stand (For 10" & 12" Drums)

DWSKU: 802574

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The DW 9303 is a heavy-duty snare stand, designed to accommodate smaller 10” to 12” snare drums. You can also easily remove the basket from the tilter, so the DW 9300 supports quick snare changes.

9000 Series hardware offers professional-grade support
DW's taken input from the world's top drummers and drum techs and incorporated it into their elite 9000 Series of hardware. In the series, you'll find all the features those drummers and techs have been calling for, including memory locks on the tube joints and the base assembly, plastic tube insulators, infinitely adjustable toothless tilters, large reset handles, secondary tilter locks, cymbal space adjusters, heavy gauge tubing, and more. For the most professional of needs - studio or stage - you can depend DW and their premier 9000 series hardware.

DW 9300 Snare Stand Features:

  • Professional-quality snare stand that's perfect for double-pedal setups and complex rigs
  • Smaller basket accommodates 10"- to 12"-diameter snare drums
  • Hinged memory locks on the tube joints and tripod leg assembly make setup quick, easy, and consistent
  • TechLock with large reset handle allows you to securely locking the snare drum angle
  • Basket can be quickly removed from the tilter, for fast changes
  • Plastic tube insulators inside heavy-gauge tubing ensure extreme stability and noise-free operation

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