Drum Dial Bearing Edge Conditioner


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Strengthens and conditions the top of the bearing edge where contact is made with the drum head. A solid stick that comes in an easy-to-use twist tube for a no mess application.

A small amount applied when changing drum skins allows the head to glide smoothly over the bearing edge without affecting the sound of the drum. This product is not a wax, soap or a petroleum product. These products, like ski wax can deaden the drum head and affect the natural sound of the drum.

Made from a proprietary blend of extreme high-pressure lubricants and conditioners. DrumDial designed this product specifically for drums. Research, development and product testing over many years, have produced the best bearing edge conditioner available.

DrumDial Bearing Edge Conditioner will not harm wood, plastics or metal. 

How to use:

1. Wipe down and clean the bearing edge to remove any build up of lint or dust.

2. Apply the bearing edge conditioner in a smooth nonstop application to the entire top bearing edge, rub in excess with your finger tip or wipe off with a dry cloth or paper towel. No need to force down on the conditioner stick. A light touch is all that is needed. Rotate the wheel at the tube bottom to dispense the edge conditioner.

3. Try to keep the conditioner on the top of the bearing edge only, where the drum head comes in contact. Excess conditioner to the bearing edge sides is not necessary.

4. The conditioner stick will form a nice groove to take the shape of the top bearing edge, excess force is not required. Epoxy crackling is normal at the Initial seating of the drum head. The cracking sound you are hearing after the head is seated is the drum head collar catching on the bearing edge.

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