DW 7500 Hi Hat Stand

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DW 7700 Hi-Hat Stand

Made especially for the working drummer, 7000 Series single-braced hardware is perfect for the weekend trap case. Included are all the features you’d expect from DW, but without the added weight. Lighter-gauge tubing and single braced tripod legs are easier to carry, but without sacrificing sturdiness or strength. Features a foldable radius rod base, plastic tube insulators and 379 locking clutch. 

  • Single-braced Tripod Legs for lightweight design.
  • Radius Rod base design for lightweight construction without sacrificing stbility.
  • Plastic Tube Insulatorsinside the heavy gauge tubing are a necessity in recording situations to avoid rattling when drum mics are placed close to stands.
  • The SM379 Locking Clutch comes standard and allows you to dial in closed "sloshyness" and lock it so it doesn't come loose.
  • Upper Rods come standard in two lengths (21" and 15") with all 5000 models, allowing you to customize the Hi-Hat Stand for your specific needs.

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