DW 9399AL Heavy Duty Tom/Snare Stand with Air Lift

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Snare stands have long been used to mount rack toms, but what makes a great snare stand, doesn't always make a great stand for a rack tom. DW have answered this age old problem with the 9399AL tom/snare stand. Just like its cousin the 9300, it's an awesone snare stand, but it's also a perfect stand for mounting smaller sized rack toms.

The Airlift™ version of the sturdy 9399 Tom/Snare Stand includes all of the features of the 9399 with the added functionality of an internal Airlift shock. The stand is effortlessly height adjustable and extremely versatile. Each crutch tip includes an integrated Neoprene isolator for optimal resonance. The stand also offers a patented removable, offset basket for easy positioning and quick snare changes.   The larger footprint is courtesy of a Mega-Tripod base that gives the 9399 the largest footprint of any DW snare stand. The result is a heavy-duty, road-worthy stand that gently supports rack toms and snare drums from 10-16" in diameter. 

  • Neoprene pads increase isolation and resonance.
  • The Mega-Tripod™ base gives the 9399 the largest footprint of any DW snare stand.
  • The snare drum angle adjustment can be firmly locked with the Large Reset Handle and double locked with TechLock.
  • Plastic Tube Insulators inside the heavy gauge tubing are a necessity in recording situations to avoid rattling when drum mics are placed close to stands.


  • 1" upper tube
  • 1 1/4" base tube
  • 15" min / 23" max height
  • Accomodates drum diameters 10"-16" 

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