DW MDD Hi-Hat Stand (Machined Direct Drive) - 3 Legs

DWSKU: 802561

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A perfect companion to MDD® bass drum pedals, these precisely Machined Direct-Pull hi-hats feature a host of patented features, adjustments and cutting edge technology.   From a newly-designed One-Touch Clutch™ down to a machined high-grade aluminum perforated pedal plate, these hi-hats are engineered to provide drummers with smooth, responsive action and road-ready dependability.

  • One-Touch Clutch™ allows you to adjust cymbal tension with a single turn. New V-clamp grips hi-hat rod like never before.
  • Offset Cymbal Seat Adjustment for quick and easy bottom cymbal angle adjustment.
  • VERT (Vertical Spring Tension Adjustment) is a revolutionary machined slider that controls overall spring tension.
  • With Direct-Pull System with Selectable Action you choose direct or "floating" feel to suit all styles of playing.
  • High-grade solid Machined Aluminum Linkage matches direct-drive, Footboard Height Adjustment so you can match heights.
  • Retractable Spurs for traction on carpeted surfaces.
  • Clamp-Lock™ Base Plate unique design keeps folding base plate securely locked in place.
  • Racing-inspired Perforated Solid Aluminum Footboard is smooth and lightweight.
  • Contoured Heel Plate is sleek and ergonomic.
  • Interlocking Delta™ Hinge ensures zero lateral movement.

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