Gibraltar 3mm Power Hoops - Snare Side

GibraltarSKU: GI850236

Size: 13" 6 Lug
In stock, made to order up to 30 days


The 3mm hoops, are triple flanged hoops that are 3mm thick. These are great for the player looking for hoops similar to the thickness of die cast hoops. For snare resonant side which includes a slot for attaching snare wire. Available in all sizes ranging from 8” to 18”.

  • 3mm hoop thickness
  • Triple flanged 
  • Similar thickness to die cast

Available in the following sizes

  • SC-3M1306SS - 13" 6 Lug
  • SC-3M1308SS - 13" 8 Lug
  • SC-3M1408SS - 14" 8 Lug
  • SC-3M1410SS - 14" 10 Lug

    **1 hoop per pack**

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