Gibraltar 9811SGD Stealth G Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

GibraltarSKU: GI801932

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The Stealth G Drive bass drum pedal exemplifies the features that today's drummer demands in a pedal.

While it has the strong, powerful feel needed to pull the best sound out of your bass drum, it is accompanied with the speed, fluidity, and precision needed to help you pinpoint each note quickly and easily. The pedal board height can be adjusted independently from the spring and beater angle to allow for a more comfortable playing experience. Other features to include; a quick response rocker hub spring assembly, fast touch pedal board, aluminium base plate with drum key, and a dual surface black and chrome 90 gram beater. The hoop clamp tightening wing bolt is placed at the top of the frame, giving you the ability to tighten and loosen the pedal from a seated playing position.. Strong, powerful, fast chain drive feel. Pedal board height adjustment independent from spring tension and beater angle. Quick Response rocker hub spring assembly. Aluminium base plate with drum key. Hoop clamp tightener at top of the frame for easy attachment and detachment


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