Gibraltar G-PSES Pro Sidekick Essentials Station

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The G-PSES Gibraltar Pro Sidekick Essentials Station is a touring version of the Sidekick Essentials Station. Featuring a durable fiberglass 16”x10” table mounted onto a low base tripod stand this accessory table and stand is designed to support your mixer, electronics, or any drummers essentials needed on tour. This professional-level tabletop is made of fiberglass, which offers maximum durability, without adding weight. Black soft felt lines the inner perimeter of the table to help protect your things. The player’s side of the table is open with no lip to allow for any oversized mixers or percussion accessories. The low profile lightweight tripod offers 8” of height adjustability from 14 ½” to 22 ½”, and allows you to place your sidekick where you need it, discrete and convenient.

  • Low height professional-grade accessory table with stand to hold your mixer, electronics, or any essential accessory
  • 16” x 10” fiberglass tabletop with 7/8” mount on the underside
  • Tabletop lined with black felt to protect accessories and electronics from scratching
  • No lip on the player’s side of the tabletop
  • Lightweight for easy transport and set up
  • Place next to the hi-hat stand for discrete and easy access
  • Height range 14-1/2” to 22-1/2”

    **Gibraltar SC-PSE-MNT add-on table available separately**


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