Gibraltar GCSCG-L Curved Bar Gong Stand

GibraltarSKU: GI808060

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Hang your gong in style with Gibraltar's chrome series curved gong stand.

Made with curved bars and chrome clamps, this heavy duty stand can hold up to a 40 inch. gong, and is designed to replace the traditional square, black gong stand. Whether you are using it in an orchestral, percussion, or drum set situation, you can be sure that this rock solid stand will not only support your gong, but will elevate your stage presence. Sleek, curvy and elegant. Use in orchestral, percussion and drum set situations. Heavy duty, works with gongs up to 40-inches. Memory locks to ensure precise positioning.

  • 1.5" steel rack tubing
  • Supports gongs from 28" to 40" in diameter.
  • Breaks down quickly.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Strong and durable.

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