Gibraltar GSDF-24 Stealth Docking Station for 24" Bass Drums

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Lightweight construction and a sharp contour come together for a drum rack that can carry a surprising amount of gear.

The Stealth Docking Station is designed for 4 piece drum kit and features a single U-shaped rack bar and two complete T-leg assemblies that fit snuggly over a 20", 22" or 24" bass drum. The sleek, low-profile unit will comfortably hold combinations of acoustic drums, electronic drum pads and cymbals, keeping your hardware footprint to a minimum. The rack can be expanded with Gibraltar clamps and accessories to accommodate larger set ups.

  • Designed for 4 piece drum kit / up to a 24" bass drum
  • Features a U-shaped rack bar and two T-leg base assemblies
  • Lightweight construction offers rapid set up and easy transport
  • Low-profile design minimises hardware footprint and eliminates clutter
  • Works with acoustic drums and cymbals, electronic drum pads, or a hybrid of both
  • Rack clamps & accessories can be positioned anywhere on the U-shaped rack bar
  • Compatible with all Gibraltar drum rack clamps and accessories for easy expansion

The GSDS-24 consists of:

  • x1 U shaped rack bar for 24” bass drum
  • x2 GCSQCLTLA Chrome T leg assemblies
  • x1 GCRMC Standard multi clamp

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