Gibraltar SC-BDKR/L Large Bass Drum Key Rod - 6mm Thread (Pack of 4)

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The 112mm long Gibraltar SC-BDKR/L replacement bass drum key rods are designed to fit many different types of drum kit. 


  • Overall Length - 120mm
  • Length to washer - 112mm
  • Thread Length - 44mm
  • Thread* - 6mm

* Thread Types

  • 7/32" - Fits tom and snares for Pearl, CB, Mapex, Tama, Ludwig, Gretsch, Premier, PDP, Yamaha and most other manufacturers with the exception of German made Sonor & DW. (Fits DW drums prior to 1996 production)
  • 6 mm - Fits bass drums for Pearl, CB, Mapex, Tama, Ludwig, Gretsch, Yamaha, and other generic Taiwanese made drums. Other manufacturers generally use 7/32" bass drum key rods.

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