Gibraltar SC-QRHHDC Quick Release Hi Hat Drop Clutch

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Save time and aggravation with this revolutionary clutch system from Gibraltar. The SC-QRHHDC is so simple to use, just pull on the metal sleeve and the auto clutch releases. Slip off the felts mount your hi hat cymbal then push in at the bottom of the metal sleeve and you’re locked back in place. The all metal design uses a spring and ball bearings to hold sleeve in place.

The Gibraltar SC-QRHHDC drop cluch allow you to play your hi-hats in the closed position while your feet are at work elsewhere.

  1. Disengage and drop the top cymbal by hitting the top of the clutch with your drumstick.
  2. Step on the hi-hat pedal and the clutch re-attaches itself at its original position.


  • Height - 
  • Diameter - 
  • Max Pull Rod Diameter - 

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