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ArtiSticks feature a full-colour graphic that is applied to Hot Sticks’ premium-quality drumsticks using a patent-pending image transfer process. Due to this advanced process, ArtiSticks finishes won’t rub off on hands, drums or cymbals. So, while they may look too good to play with, they’re made to take a beating. 

Hot Sticks are the result of years of research and development and our uncompromising commitment to excellence,” Hot Sticks founder, Kevin Pokallus, explains. “Hot Sticks are made from top-quality, USA hickory that is carefully selected for weight, density and strength before being put through an intense production process using state-of-the-art woodworking equipment and patented grinding and finishing steps followed by a thorough set of inspections. Underneath their beautiful exterior lies a stick that’s as good if not better than any plain stick on the market. No matter how much our sticks evolve, that’s one thing that will never change.” Hot Sticks are proud to offer the first full-colour printed drumsticks designed to withstand the abuse of the toughest drummers! The first of their kind in the world, Artisticks Drumsticks are manufactured from top quality hickory with an innovative patent-pending process. A synergistic combination of science and art, Artisticks are intended to help you express yourself as a drummer, and to add excitement to your performances. Unleash your creative energies with Artisticks! The non-slip grip provides a comfortable natural feel under all playing conditions, and the colours of the graphics do not leave marks on hands, drums or cymbals.


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