LP Percussion LP1400-MB Udu Mbwata Drum

LPSKU: LP817520

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Developed by master ceramicist, Frank Giorgini, the clay construction of LP Udu® Drums is based upon centuries-old African traditions. Each LP Udu Drum offers individual tonal values. They can be played by hitting any part of the drum with the palm of the hand or the finger tips. The textured surfaces provide additional tonal variations by creating rubbing sounds.

The Mbwata drum has two chambers, the lower rounded chamber produces mellow, dry bass tones and the smaller, flat chamber creates bright, sharp tones. Sounds created from the upper chamber are similar to those of the Indian table or Middle Eastern dumbek. 

  • Developed by master ceramisist, Frank Giorgini
  • Flat chamber creates bright, sharp, wet tones
  • Lower chamber has mellow, round, dry bass tones
  • Textured surface to create unique sounds
  • Straw base in included

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