Mapex 800 Series Hardware Pack

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The 800 series is a complete line of gig-quality hardware designed to compliment the Armory range of drums, featuring heavy-duty tubes, double-braced legs, memory locks, and the adjustability needed by the serious player. To suit each drummer's unique style and kit finish, Armory Hardware comes in chrome, black-plated, or a unique hybrid finish featuring chrome tubes and black plated fittings.


  • For most drummers who own starter sets, the first add-on or replacement purchase is hardware.
  • Hardware packages allow players to purchase all the necessary upgrade components in a value-pack format with a lower price than buying them individually.
  • The 2 boom cymbal stands offer great flexibility in cymbal positioning and fold up smaller for compact storage and transportation.


  • Two Booms, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat stand and Single Pedal
  • Double Braced Stands
  • Omni-Ball Adjuster


  • x2 B800 Boom Stands
  • x1 H800 Hi-Hat Stand
  • x1 S800 Snare Stand
  • x1 P810 Bass Drum Pedal

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