Mapex BF1000 Falcon Boom / Straight Cymbal Stand

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The Mapex B1000 stand integrates player practicality with easy to access functionality. The new Mapex all position tilter allows your cymbals to go anywhere and with one turn of the acculock handle those positions are locked tightly in place.

The actual boom arm positioning and adjustments are also simplified by using a single wing screw to make all of these important positioning decisions. The boom arm can be additionally secured into place by the use of a memory lock.

One of the new innovations on the BF1000 is the locking Cymbal nut, with a simple pressing of a button, the OS Accentuator can be removed from the cymbal stem and the cymbal can be removed. The threading on the Accentuator is metal to prevent stripping and ensure durability.

Additionally the cymbal stem has been made longer in length and knurled so for those clamping cowbells, tambourines and other percussion items so the positioning remains solid.

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