Mapex MPX 12"x6" Hybrid Shell Snare Drum in Black


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MPX Maple Snare Drums deliver a warm and sensitive sound with a crisp and fat backbeat. Their tone and tuning range are well suited to match a variety of playing styles and musical genres,

  • MPX Maple snares offer an affordable, but significant, step-up in quality and sound compared to the drums that come with entry-level drum sets.
  • The all-maple shells deliver sensitivity, range, a fat backbeat, and crisp rim shots at an extremely affordable price.
  • Transparent Midnight Black looks good with any drum set finish.


  • SONIClear Bearing Edges
  • 7.2mm Maple/Poplar Hybrid Shell
  • Remo UX Drumhead
  • 1.3mm triple flanged hoops
  • Black Hardware

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