Meinl 22" Ripstop Cymbal Bag in Carbon Grey


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Meinl 22" Ripstop Cymbal Bag in Carbon Grey

The Meinl 22" Ripstop Cymbal Bag is made of material that is as unique as its distinct look.  Ripstop fabric is both lighter and stronger than that of typical bags, which is made possible through thick reinforcement threads woven into the bag’s surfaces. 
This high strength-to-weight ratio makes the material ideal for cymbal bags.  The external 15" pocket holds hihats and smaller effects cymbals, while an additional compartment for accessory items can be found on the back side. 
With sturdy, reinforced stitching on the backpack straps, you can conveniently transport your cymbals hands-free with peace of mind.  Inside are three heavy-duty cymbal dividers to ensure that your cymbals will not get damaged while being transported.  Completing the bag's sharp appearance is an embroidered Meinl logo.

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