Meinl Artist Concept Matt Garstka - Temporal 2 Stack

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Meinl Artist Concept Matt Garstka - 10"/10" Temporal 2 Stack

The Artist Concept Models are a collection of cymbal voices. They are the product of Meinl Cymbal Artists and the Meinl R&D team. The goal was to craft unique and innovative sounds that allows the artist to explore, create and forge ahead as leaders in acoustic music and in the art of drumming.

Higher pitched of the two Temporal Stacks. The trashy and dry staccato response is perfect for rhythmic patterns and accents. Add this stack for a unique voice in your setup or add both and use them together.

Styles: Electro, Jazz, RNB, Studio, World, Reggae, Pop, Fusion
Timbre: Mid-Bright
Character: Dry, Trashy, Staccato
Pitch: High-Mid
Volume: Low
Sustain: Short
Weight: Thin
Finish: Raw, Brilliant, Sandblasted
Material: B20
Lathe: Narrow Blade

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