Meinl Artist Concept Matt Garstka - Fat Stack


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Meinl Artist Concept Matt Garstka - Fat Stack

The Artist Concept Models are a collection of cymbal voices. They are the product of Meinl Cymbal Artists and the Meinl R&D team. The goal was to craft unique and innovative sounds that allowe the artist to explore, create and forge ahead as leaders in acoustic music and in the art of drumming.

"This stack cuts through the mix with a crunchy bite.With no ring the sustain is dry and pleasing to the ear. Its trashy quality is maintained through a wide variety of tensions, with my personal favorite being a light tension that gives its Fat Stack namesake. It functions in my setup mainly as a time keeper, but it also works extremely well with choppy accents Coupled with a snare it has a great organic hip hop clap sound." - Matt Garska

Styles:Electro, Jazz, RNB, Studio, World, Reggae, Pop, Fusion
Timbre: Dark
Character: Crunchy bite
Pitch: Low
Volume: Medium to Low
Sustain: Short
Weight: Thin
Finish: Raw, Traditional
Material: B20
Lathe: Narrow Blade

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