Meinl Big Apple Bop 7A Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks

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Meinl Big Apple Bop Wood Tip Drumstick

A fast and easy stick that carries a big sound to push any band all night. The oversized acorn tip delivers full tonality on drums and woofy stick definition cymbals. An extra long taper generates a quick rebound for fast bop style cymbal patterns as well as soloing. 

Made of North American Maple and Hickory, Meinl drumsticks are crafted with precision in Germany. Each stick is weight and pitch matched and features a hybrid tip combining of an Acorn shape an barrel shape.

  • Drum-Sticks: Big Apple Bop
  • Material: Light Hickory
  • Colour / Finish: Natural
  • Tip shape: Acorn
  • Tip-Material: Wood tip
  • Diameter: 13.7 mm
  • Length: 406mm
  • Country of Origin: Germany

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