Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 18" Trash Crash


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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 18" Trash Crash

Although they appear to be raw, Byzance Extra Dry cymbals are extremely refined. Designed to be dry, fast, trashy, and low, this is one of the most intriguing voices within Byzance that attracts many drummers. The crashes, splashes, and china cymbals all explode and unleash a gritty texture from within, while the hihats and rides are crisp in definition. Made in Turkey from B20 bronze, hand-hammered into shape, and raw finish. The bottom side of hihats, crashes, splashes and chinas are lathed, but the rides are left unlathed except for the transition Ride which is lathed and polished on the bottom to a brilliant finish.

An earthy, raw top and fully lathed bottom combined with various sized holes makes this unique cymbal explode with a fast crash and a dry, short sustain. The low pitch and extra dry look make it a great cymbal for quick or trashy accents.

Styles: Jazz, Funk, RNB, Studio, Electro
Timbre: Dark
Character: Esoteric, Dry
Pitch: Low
Volume: Low
Sustain: Short 
Weight: Thin
Finish: Raw
Material: B20
Lathe: None 

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