Meinl Byzance Dark 20" Trash Crash


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Meinl Byzance Dark 20" Trash Crash

Their sound is dark, and so is their oven-blackened look. Byzance Dark models are intense, with responses ranging from the defined sticking of the rides, to the short, punchy bursts of the crashes. Their unique sonic qualities are ideal for music where dark tone and feel are at the top of the ‘must have’ list.

 With a dark and unlathed surface combined with various sized holes, this unique cymbal has the trashy tonality and quick decay, but it also has a lower fundamental pitch for an even darker tonality than most trash crashes. Great for quick, trashy accents.  

Styles: Pop/Fusion/Jazz/Funk/R&B/Reggae/Studio/World/Electro
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Character: Natural/Earthy
Pitch: Low
Volume: Mid
Sustain: Medium-Short 
Weight: Medium
Finish: Dark
Material: B20
Lathe: None 

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